Our Core Values

In the Agents of Change Network, we are united by the following core values

Dependence on God

We recognize that God is the Only True Agent of Change. He is the unchangeable Changer, our source of strength and inspiration who works out everything according to His will and Purpose in Christ. We depend on His grace and power to do everything.


We consistently seek to conform to the will and purpose of God in words, thoughts and actions and in every conduct and area of our lives. We set positive example; living as salt and light of the earth.


We recognize that God owns everything, including us and everything we have. He is Master, we are servants and we live with this consciousness and strive to be faithful in administering and using what He gives us to hold in trust.


We believe love, God’s kind of love can Change the world. We are recipients of the love of God in Christ Jesus; having received this love we are committed to being channels and expressions of this love to everyone through our words, thoughts and deeds


Our purpose is to glorify God and Christ. Everything is about the King and His Kingdom, not we his servants. We serve with this mentality and do not take credit for anything


We believe in doing everything well so that mediocrity will not be attached to the things of Christ. Agents of Change insist on getting it right and offering the best to God.

 Unity and Cooperation

We believe in the unity of the body of Christ. We believe in working together to advance the kingdom of God among men. We believe in teamwork and cooperation, knowing that everything is from God, for God and to God